Learning the Faith the fun way...

with puppets and Storyteller Christine!

Faith & Puppets

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Put your children on the right path to sainthood...

We are so excited to play a pivotal role in helping your children learn more about the virtues of becoming a Saint. It is important for children to not just know the faith, they must understand and LOVE it! Through the use of puppets and stories, Storyteller Christine captivates your children's imaginations and leads them, with Billy the puppet's help, down the road of becoming a saint. (There will be many giggles along the path!)

Through engaging and fun conversations between Billy the puppet and Storyteller Christine, your children will learn the faith. Christine is a practicing Catholic loyal to the magisterium, and a professional storyteller. Billy, well, is a puppet that is trying to learn his faith!

Children love to be told stories and our faith is filled with wonderful ones from the Bible, the lives of the saints, and of good Catholic folks. That is why each lesson here contains a story told by Storyteller Christine... so that children will be inspired to love our glorious faith.

Children also love puppets and that is why Billy the puppet and sometimes his puppet friends are in the videos. Billy is like a kid. He's full of questions and sometimes says goofy things. Kids are able to laugh with Billy and learn the faith alongside him.


My 6.5 year old son loved it. He gave it 10 stars. He liked Billy and his voice. He was so enthralled he

didn't even talk!!

~ Andi: California

My four-year-old absolutely loves these catechism lessons with Christine! She has learned so much more about our Faith in the last few weeks and she has so much fun! She enjoys going back and watching the lessons over and over again. This has really contributed to daily conversations about our wonderful Faith and I believe will be excellent preparation for her First Holy Communion in a few years! The stories Christine tells really stick with my daughter and she retells them to me with such enthusiasm! I greatly enjoy seeing my daughter delight in Bible stories and saint stories! This has been a blessing to our lives, thank you, Christine!

~Jessica:  Missouri

I had tears in my eyes, I thought it was SO good! I watched the kids' reaction just to check myself against being biased and they were all very intrigued. Even my 4 year old who has the shortest attention span really liked it and could tell me what it was about when it was over. This would also be a great gift for grandparents or Godparents to give. My 5 year old keeps asking when we can see another video. This will be so perfect for their "school" this year! The girls were very captivated.

~Stacy:  Oklahoma: 

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