Faith & Puppets

Learn the Catholic Faith the fun way...


...with Billy the puppet and Christine!

Your students/children will have fun learning all about the Catholic faith with Billy the puppet and Christine. Whether seeing Christine and Billy live or on video, your students'/children's imaginations will be captivated while at the same time they will be learning the faith.

Christine is a former elementary school teacher, homeschooling mom, and is now a professional storyteller teaching the Catholic faith to young children in a fun and engaging way.

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Meet Billy the puppet!

In the first few minutes of this video you meet Billy the puppet and Christine. (This video clip is part of the Eucharist series.)

Invite Billy and Christine to your classroom for a live performance!

Your students will have fun learning about the Catholic faith with Billy the puppet and Christine. Students will be able to relate to Billy's questions and will laugh while learning about the saints and other aspects of the faith. 

Videos are easy to watch!

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