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Each week for 30 weeks you receive an email with a link to a private video on Vimeo. (No ads are on Vimeo.) The videos are approximately 15 minutes long and follow the information in the New Saint Joseph First Communion Catechism book. However, it is not necessary to have this book. If you like, you may use it to supplement the lessons. The catechism book is set up in a question/answer format. Christine and Billy talk about each of the questions and what the answers mean. In addition, each episode also includes Christine telling a story (in storytelling style~not read) from the Bible or about a saint. In each week's email there are also suggested topics and questions that you can discuss with your child to further deepen their faith.

The program costs just $45. (That's just $1.50 per video!)

Every parish has their own requirement for receiving First Communion. Even if your parish has other requirements, Preparing For Your First Communion With Billy The Puppet, will be a great way to supplement their education in a fun and engaging way.

This program is geared for children ages four to seven years old. Though four and five year olds will still not be old enough to receive their First Communion at the end of this program, this is a fantastic way to introduce them to our wonderful Catholic faith. Six and seven year olds should be ready to receive their First Communion by the end of the video series, though you will still need to teach them their prayers.(Sign of the Cross, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, and Act of Contrition.)

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An invoice for $45 will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Once you pay it you will receive your first email with the video link on the Monday following payment...(as long as you have paid by the previous Friday.) Then every following Monday you will receive a new email with a video link until you have received all 30 video links. There are a few weeks you will not receive an email/video link due to holidays. (A list of dates you will not receive emails comes with the first lesson.)

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