Invite Billy the puppet and me to your school, parish or conference!


Kids love to see Billy the puppet in person and to hear the saint stories told in "storyteller fashion" right in front of them.

Billy the puppet and Storyteller Christine will travel to schools, parishes and Catholic conferences to perform saint stories for audiences of all ages. Through the telling of saint stories, children (and adults) learn about our Catholic faith and the many glorious saints.

Programs available:

  • Saints and Dragons

    • ​In this program I tell the stories of Saint Theodore of Amasea, Saint George and the Dragon, and Saint Margaret of Antioch. All three of these saints encountered or fought dragons. Billy and I also discuss what the dragons represent in the stories (the devil). These saints were very brave. How can we be brave when things are hard for us?

  • Fun with Billy and the Saints

    • ​​Do you know how Saint Theobald cooled his feet on a block of ice? How Saint Stanislaus made a dead man tell the truth? Or the legend of How Saint Anthony Brought Fire to the World? Your students will be captivated hearing these amazing saint stories and will laugh at the silly things Billy the puppet says.

  • Mortal vs. Venial Sin

    • ​​Are your students preparing for their First Confession? This program helps them to understand the difference between mortal and venial sin. Billy the puppet and I give examples of the two types of sins and discuss the 3 things necessary to make a sin mortal. Interspersed during the program I tell the saint stories of Saint Moses of Ethiopia, Saint Ildephonsus, and Saint Margaret of Antioch.

  • The True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist

    • ​​Believing in the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist is essential. Let Billy and I help through a discussion about the Eucharist and some Eucharistic miracles.  Also, I will tell three different saint stories. Your students will be entertained yet at the same time their love for Jesus in the Eucharist will deepen. The saint stories told are: Saint Eustace, Saint George and the Dragon, and Blessed Imelda Lambertini.

  • The Three Theological Virtues

    • ​​What are the 3 theological virtues? What do they mean? How can they help us? Billy and I talk about each of these virtues in a fun and engaging way so that students not only learn what they are but how they can use them. For each of these virtues, I tell a saint story and we discuss how that saint demonstrated that virtue. The saint stories told in "storyteller fashion" are Saint Colette, Saint Roch, and Saint Pachomius.

  • Saint Nicholas Folktales

    • ​​There are folktales all around the world about Saint Nicholas and they aren't all Christmas stories. The three folktales in this program are great for any season.
      The Ant: A French folktale
      The 3 Fish: An Irish Folktale
      The Miller: An Italian Folktale
      Your students will be delighted by these wonderful folktales of Saint Nicholas.



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